Barbecue - Pecten.     

The non-stick barbecue Teflon "Pecten" is in stainless steel, fed by a cylinder type Camping gas, the plate in aluminium Teflon allows a cooking according to standard kitchen devoid of fat and rich in nutritional values.

The non-stick barbecue Teflon "Pecten" comes with: 

  • N°1 Non-stick Teflon coated aluminium plate

  • N°1 Aluminium Tefloned Non-Stick frying pan

  • N°1 Flatware

  • N°1 Manual Gaslighter

  • N°1 Glass for collection cooking fats

  • N°1 Bag of protection from rain

  • N°1 System of fixing to the boat in stainless steel

  • N°1 Suitcase in A.B.S.

Other Models of Barbecue Producted:

Size 45 cm x 15cm
Weight 10 Kg
Feeding Camping Gas Cylinder
Material Inox Steel
Protection Suitcase in A.B.S.

Teflon coated Aluminium non-stick plate
Teflon coated non-stick pot

Heating Time  1 Minute
Cleaning Time  5 Minutes



BBQ A.B.S. Suitcase.
BBQ Bag.
BBQ "Pecten" mounted on "Alfa" support.
  Suitcase in A.B.S.   
  Sack of protection  
  Pecten mounted on "Alfa" support   
BBQ non-stick frying pan.
BBQ Pecten mounted on "Beta 1" support.
BBQ Pecten mounted on "Beta 2" support
  Spaghettata  in the non-stick frying pan  
  Pecten mounted on   "Beta 1"  support   
  Pecten mounted on  "Beta 2" support  
BBQ non-stick frying pan.
BBQ "Pecten" mounted on "Fisherman" support.
BBQ "Pecten" mounted on "Fisherman" support.
  Non-stick frying pan    
  Pecten mounted on "Fisherman" support  
  Detail of  "Fisherman" support   
BBQ "Pecten" mounted on "Fisherman" support.
  Pecten mounted on "Fisherman" support